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Operation Technology Solutions


Secure Media Exchange

SMX provides plant operators with unprecedented control and visibility into the secure use of USB and removable media by personnel and contractors, reducing cyber risk to process control networks globally.

Honeywell SMX allows for visibility and management of USB devices, activity, and content across the organization – including remote sites, offshore facilities, air-gapped automation environments, and other challenging areas.

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OTfuse is an intelligent Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) for mission-critical PLCs, VFDs, DCSs, and other industrial assets.

OTfuse provides real-time protection for industrial automation assets and endpoint devices. OTfuse establishes a crucial line of defense for OT hardware, protecting the most critical OT assets first, by applying highly granular device access policies and enforcing device access zones.


Xage Encryption Point

The Xage Encryption Point is an industrial-grade cybersecurity appliance designed to protect your network from cyber threats. Its high-performance Intel Atom processor and robust hardware ensure reliable, secure operation in even the harshest environments.

With a wide operating temperature range, IP40 rating, and multi-port configuration, the Xage Encryption Point is ideal for SCADA, industrial automation, and manufacturing applications.

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