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Akylade Certified Cyber Resilience Practitioner (A/CCRP)

About the exam

The Akylade Certified Cyber Resilience Practitioner (A/CCRP) certification is designed to test your practical knowledge of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and how to plan, implement, manage, and optimize the material aspects of the framework for use within your own organization using the Cyber Risk Management Action Plan (CR-MAP) process:

Coordinating with management for organizational buy-in and establishing risk profiles for organizations

Discover top organizational cybersecurity risks using rigorous prioritization methods

Create a personalized cybersecurity risk management strategy tailored to an organization's unique requirements

Conduct maintenance and updating to the organization's cybersecurity risk

posture and perform continuous improvement

Skills you will acquire

Implementation Expertise

Gain practical expertise in planning, implementing, managing, and optimizing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework within your organization using the CR-MAP processes

Risk Profile


Learn how to coordinate with key stakeholders and management to gain organization-wide support and establish risk profiles specific to meet organizational requirements

Cybersecurity Risk Prioritization

Master rigorous methods for identifying and prioritizing top cybersecurity risks to ensure that efficient resource allocation occurs within the organization

Personalized Risk Management

Acquire skills to develop a tailored and effective cybersecurity risk management strategy that aligns with an organization's unique needs

Risk Posture Maintenance

Understand the processes involved in regularly updating and maintaining an organization's cybersecurity risk posture to adapt to evolving threats and risks



Discover methods to drive continuous improvement in cyber resilience practices, optimize response capabilities, and improve overall security posture

The Exam


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